Benefits Of A Priapus Shot Treatment

A decreased sexual performance and stamina is the greatest concern of every affected of this problem. A good performance in bed strengthens the bond of love and happiness between relationships.

Many ineffective methods have been made popular through attractive advertising methods. But these methods don’t have a long-lasting impact.

They don’t help in the treatment instead they only are a source of income for the sellers.

One of the most effective methods for the solution is a Priapus shot.

What Is A Priapus Shot?

This problem requires a proper biological treatment. A Priapus shot can supply you with that.

It involves taking PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Plasma, as you guessed is a major component of our blood which contains many minerals, ions, salts, and many necessary things for various functions, like clotting after wound healing, etc.

These functions are mainly carried out by the action of platelets.

A Brief Intro To The Method

It is done by separating out plasma proteins and platelets from blood using a centrifuge mechanism. This mixture is then injected into your penis.

This mixture then promotes the growth of tissue in the region and helps with long-lasting erections.

The name “Priapus” was used by Dr. Charles Runels. Priapus is actually the name of the Greek God of male fertility.


Safe Treatment

It has very less chance of side effects because as aforementioned it is derived from the patient’s own body.

The platelets work in the same way as in wound healing and blood clotting by promoting tissue growth which is a completely naturally occurring phenomenon.

The injected platelets are not made in any laboratory. It has very little chance of allergic reactions.

Larger Penis Size

Priapus shot can help you with your small penis size. It promotes tissue growth and hence causes an increase in penis length and girth up to half an inch. It helps you with your sexual experience and boosts confidence.

Long-lasting and Stronger Erections

This is usually an age-related problem when 40-year-old men face difficulty in maintaining erections for intercourse.

The causes can be emotional, physical, or consuming too much alcohol.

A Priapus shot treatment can help you build firmer muscular tissues in the P region, that’ll help in getting longer and stiffer erections.

Improved Sensation

Erections and length are not the only factors, but better sensation and arousal are also important for a satisfying experience.

Intercourse without arousal or less arousal can cause pain. A Priapus shot increases blood flow to the penis which helps with both erections and arousal.

Long-lasting sex and Stamina

A lower libido can cause you to get tired during intercourse and lose interest in sex.

A Good stamina is required for a satisfying orgasm otherwise may lead to loss of interest with your partner and weaken relationships.

A Priapus shot can help with your sex timing and improve the experience for both of you.

An easy to do treatment

The treatment does not involve any complicated surgery or medication plan. It just includes administrating the PRP injections in your penis.

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