What Makes Mangosteen Exotic?

It’s deep reddish-purple outer rind is the most unique colour in nature. The mangosteen fruit has around for centuries, relished by aristocrats and emperors in Southeast Asia. However, it has only been commercially available in North America over the past decade. Here’s what you need to know about this delicious fruit:

Organically Tasteful The pulp inside the mangosteen juice is sweet and tangy. Exotic mangosteen juice is made by squeezing the pulp to extract its natural liquids. In a 2003 article published in the New York Times, food critic R.W. Apple Jr. described the fruit as the most luxurious and exotic thing he had ever eaten. He described the fruit as pulpy, with a balance of sweet and acidic flavours that were very rare in nature. What makes this exotic mangosteen juice even rarer is that the fruit and tree only grows in certain parts of the world. The mangosteen tree, which can grow up to 82 feet tall, are found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and certain parts of India. Recently, the tree has also been cultivated in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, South America, Florida, California, and Hawaii, although the import and export of the fruit is still heavily restricted. Favoured by Nobility Mangosteen has always been rare and exotic. Yingya Shenglan described it in a Chinese text in the 15th century. Back then, the exotic mangosteen juice was only available in Malaysia. The fruit was brought to the Western hemisphere by the late-19th century, and even Queen Victoria was said to be enamoured by the delicious flavour of fresh mangosteen. In fact, Her Majesty even offered knighthood to anyone who could bring back a fresh mangosteen in edible condition. Surprisingly Healthy Exotic mangosteen juice isn’t just delicious, it’s also nutritious and healthy. The fruit has sizable quantities of different nutrient and recent studies have established the health benefits of mangosteen in great detail. Consumption of the fruit or juice could help combat bacterial infections, pain in the abdomen, heart disease, and even mitigate certain forms of cancer. Commercially Available Since 2006, the exotic mangosteen juice has been widely available in North America. With a unique blend, a lack of preservatives and an emphasis on fresh produce, Mangoxan is the industry leader. Pure Fruit Technologies has managed to bring the exotic mangosteen juice in a readily available and 100% natural format to the United States. The natural processing and careful packaging of Mangoxan help sustain the nutrient content of the juice for much longer. A 1oz/30ml serving packs the nutrient equivalent of three different fresh fruits and so much more.

Conclusion The exotic mangosteen juice is probably one of the most underrated fruits available to consumers in the United States. Favoured by nobility and highly nutritious, this fruit has helped millions of people in Southeast Asia fight inflammation, infections, and heart disease. New methods of food processing and packaging have helped make this fruit available in North America. Industry leader Mangoxan is probably the best alternative for consumers looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional fruit juices.

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