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Priapus Shot – A Natural Enhancement Method That Is Safe and Effective

Priapus shot is a unique penis enlargement procedure that is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Yohimbe. In this method, he gently inserts six pills of herbal supplements into the penis. After the pills are dissolved, the penis gets filled up with blood and an erection is formed. The effect of this is similar to that of a penis pump used for emergency cases. However, Priapus does not require you to pump your penis, as this is not what the treatment is all about.

This treatment is highly effective but is still being patronized by only few men. It has been reported that this Priapus treatment can only be afforded by men who have fat wallets or those men who can afford to spend thousands of dollars. The reason behind their skepticism is the fact that this Priapus method seems so unnatural and out of this world. Even so, this type of treatment for the penis has been used since ancient times and is one of the most popular herbal treatments for enlarging men’s member.

Priapus has got a unique design that consists of a pump which is placed at the base of the penis. By using this device, the blood flow towards the corpora cavernosa increases. When more blood flows into this area, an erection is induced. The pumping action makes sure that the penis remains engorged with blood for a long time.

Priapus method works best for men who have already achieved an erection. This is because this type of penis enhancement treatment is most effective when used in conjunction with penis exercises. With this in place, you should be able to get long and hard erections, and your sex drive will be enhanced. However, there have been no scientific researches yet to suggest that it can increase libido or sexual performance for men, but we all know that any improvement in these areas would definitely improve your sex life.

Priapus treatment is a natural penis enhancement method, so there are no harmful side effects. In fact, most people would not even notice that you have got a pump under your trousers. Moreover, men with a smaller penis size can also achieve the same result with the use of this penis pump. The only setback is that the blood flow may not be as quick as with larger sized men, but that is the only drawback.

It is widely believed that the Priapus treatment by P-shot Phoenix method is the safest among all the penis enlargement procedures available on the market today. For men who want to try this treatment, they can simply purchase the Priapus pump and use it at home for two to three hours daily. They would get results within four weeks, and after continuous use, you would definitely be able to gain a longer, thicker and harder penis.


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