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What is Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction- Relation and difference

Many people do not know the real meaning of drug abuse and drug addiction, so they use it interchangeably. So first, let’s understand what drug abuse and drug addiction is.

Drug abuse vs. Drug addiction

Drug abuse is when you use certain drugs that create chronic drug problems but is less damaging than drug addiction. But still, they are harmful for human consumption. Drug abuse knows that they are harming their body but even chose to do it anyway.

You will understand what is drug abuse and drug addiction when you can differentiate between their symptoms. The following issues can identify drug abuse:

  • Change in behavior when using the drug.
  • Hurting oneself or others under the impact of drugs.
  • Not able to carry out their responsibility generally at home, work, or school.
  • They suffer from legal problems under the influence of drug use.
  • They will be facing problems maintaining social relations with friends or family.

Whereas in drug addiction, there are both mental and physical effects on the person using the drug. They get highly addicted that it becomes impossible to quit the use of the drug. Addiction has a severe destructing impact on one’s life, not only relating to health but also in relation.

Some of the addiction symptoms have been mentioned for you to differentiate between addiction. If you experience more than three, you need immediate help.

  • Have increased your drug tolerance and need an enormous amount of drug to experience the same feeling initially.
  • Had lost all passion which excited you before and lost interest in your work.
  • You do not like to be socially involved with friends or family.
  • All you think about the whole day is drugs.
  • You have failed many times while trying to cut the habit of drug use.
  • Even when realizing severe health issues, you continue using it.

The relation between drug abuse and drug addiction

After knowing the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction, let’s understand its relation. Addiction is not something that develops from the initial stage. It grows with time. First, drug abuse occurs. It looks like you are going through addiction, but it differs slightly in drug dependency.

If you can stop using drugs for a long time, you are going through drug abuse. But if you are uncontrollable in terms of quitting, you have entered the phase of drug addiction. An addict is not able to stay away from the usage of the drug for long.

By regular abuse of drugs, you create a psychological dependency on it. You create a feeling that you will not be able to deal with typical day issues or anger if you do not take it daily. You need the drug to relax cope up with mental health problems. If continued for a more extended period, you can turn into an addict.


It can be challenging to differentiate between drug abuse and drug addiction. Still, both are harmful to the body and require an immediate cure. Drug use can destruct health and relation in many ways. It’s always appropriate to take steps when you can. You can know more about addiction by clicking the link If you are having bad phase from addiction, it is highly recommended to take professional help.

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