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Face Masks – Important Guidelines To Buy The Best Protection Against Covid19 Virus

With the outbreak of the Covid19 virus, many researchers and health organizations have issued guidelines on wearing face masks to prevent spread and contracting the deadly disease. These guidelines have surfaced large numbers of face masks manufacturers who claim to produce the right quality masks.

Peoples are left confused with the availability of a large selection of high quality face masks in the market. The Custom Earth Promos was established in the year 2009 in the Florida state of the U.S.A. They have been supplying premium quality of respiratory face masks, sanitizers, gloves, disinfectants, and other protective kits for your family safety against the Covid19 virus.

They also manufacture business cards, bottles, seed paper items, and many more reusable and customized items. Their products are mainly made up of recycled materials and do not contain any harmful chemicals supporting California’s Proposition 65.

Let us have a look at buying tips for the right face masks:

  1. Choose based on your skin reaction against different fabrics

A right face mask should have two or more layers of fabric to filter the maximum amount of infectious air that is being inhaled or exhaled. It has been proved through different lab tests research articles. A dense fabric with tightly threaded layers makes the right choice for face masks to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus.

You can choose from cotton, linen, or synthetic lining fabrics for your face masks depending upon the suitability of these fabrics with your facial skin. Among them, the linen masks are in great demand because linen does not allow germs to breed on them.

  1. Disposable and reusable masks

The disposable and reusable face masks differ only in their reusability properties and both are equally beneficial for the prevention of the Covid19 virus. The disposable masks are preferred to be less beneficial to the environment. A reusable mask should be washable without losing its fabric properties, shape, and fittings.

A right face mask should correctly fit on your face to cover your nose and mouth tightly. At the same time, it should not block your smooth breathing process.

  1. Aware of different face masks for different purposes

The surgical masks are generally made for doctors and nurses during the operating time in the operation theatre. It is meant to protect them against any spill of infectious liquids. The surgical masks for the prevention of infectious viruses should have three-layered fabric. Its product label should indicate minimum bacterial filtration efficiency of 95 percent.

You should avoid buying paper masks that are made for hygienic purposes, to be used by the staff working in hotels and restaurants. It only helps in preventing contaminating foodstuffs from hair fall, dust, or other unwanted agents.

  1. Avoid buying face masks with filters or respirators

You can find some masks with filters attached to them. These filters are disposable after each use. Generally, these filters help purify inhaling air only. It does not control the quality of exhaling air thereby increasing the possibility of spreading the Covid19 virus from an infectious person.

  1. Verify product label

Before buying, you should check the product label to verify the manufacturer, manufacturing date, expiry date, filtration efficiency, and fabric used in the face mask. Typically, a surgical mask has more than 80 percent filtration efficiency compared to 95 percent efficiency of N95 face masks.

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