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Buying in bulk is a real mode of consumption. Not only does this practice allow us to consume less plastic and save significant costs per kilo, but it also makes the hunt for raw materials much more fun. In recent years, many shops on this theme have opened, and even the oldest establishments are adapting to this trend. You can find in your neighborhood all kinds of seeds, nuts, cereals, quality but also organic and gluten-free. Here is the selection of addresses and neighborhood grocery stores to buy your nuts in bulk by

What is really worth buying in bulk:

Nuts and dried fruits are by far the most advantageous items to buy in bulk, such as almonds, peanuts, apricots or dates. The price is sometimes up to 50% cheaper than the equivalent sold in grocery stores.

Spices: Dried spices sold in bulk (paprika, etc.) are also much cheaper. However, care must be taken with the way in which they are stored. If the container or jar is not waterproof, there is a risk that the spices are stale.

The mixtures of granola and all sweets are also cheaper in bulk.

Products sold in bulk whose prices are similar in grocery stores

Many products sold in bulk are a little less expensive or offered at comparable prices in grocery stores. You can think among others of popcorn, coconut flakes, sea salt and even quinoa.

To my surprise, all-purpose flours are the same or nearly the same price as flours sold in grocery stores. And it’s the same with trail mixes, chickpeas and most legumes.

Bulk products that are more expensive than in grocery stores

Some products are more expensive in bulk, such as virgin coconut oil. The price of pasta is also higher in bulk, not to mention it is often on sale in grocery stores.

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