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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Do you want your kids to be fueled up every morning with a healthy breakfast? Are you concerned about feeding them something that could keep them going and perform better throughout the day at school? Breakfast is “good luck” if I talk in simple words. It is an essential meal of the day because the body needs a healthy starter when you get up in the morning. When kids play with outdoor playground equipment or school playground equipment, they need a lot of energy. Skipping breakfast is a common habit especially among school going children and it hiders their physical and mental performance. Not only does it minimize their performance, it makes them irritable, tired, and restless.

Try some delicious and hard-to-resist appealing breakfast ideas for kids given below. 1. Quickcount We all want tasty food without a lot of calories, right? Well, It’s hardly possible, but this yogurt is a combination of vanilla, strawberry, and cheesecake having just 100 calories per serving. Surprised, are you? I was as shocked as you when I came to know the calorie count. Instead of motivating kids to eat junk food, give them Quickcount in breakfast with bread or anything they like and see how actively they perform the entire day. 2. V-Fusion My daughter is too bad at eating breakfast and she always complains of morning sickness. Whenever I try feeding her in the early hours, she pukes it out. I was so worried until I found V8 V-Fusion because my daughter takes it happily in the mornings now without complaining and I am finally relieved to know her nutritional needs are also met. You might think it’s something savory and thick, but gogi, tangerine and other juices keep it light. Feed your little ones and relax until the time they come back home from schools. 3. Eggology on the Go Egg whites are full of nutrition- high in protein and muscle fat builders. Eggology on the go is 100% egg white, without even a pinch of yolk. It doesn’t even need cooking as all you need to do is stir it well and heat it up. Heat it in a microwave and you will see the lid popping up as the eggs ruffle. 4. Cereal Chameleon It’s one of the most common British breakfasts due to its multipurpose quality. Either spread this cake of flakes on bread with jam and make a toast or put it in hot milk. You can also try mixing it with fruit (something kids love to have breakfast). 5. Pumpkin A perfect combination of spice, sweet, and crunch, pumpkin is something that makes mornings energetic and removes the overwhelming sluggishness of early hours. My daughter always compliments it by saying, “Mom, it’s so nutty and delicious” and I love to hear it from her. 6. Mini- Doughnut Does a lot of hard work come to your mind when you think about making doughnuts? Making regular doughnuts sure is a tiring thing to do, but try this simple recipe for your kids’ breakfast.

Pour chocolate syrup in a bowl and dip some cheerios in it. Then, spread sprinkles on top and roll it up in powdered sugar. Make a few this way and line them up in a tray and serve them with milk. That’s it! Just as simple as that! 7. Granola Bites Instead of giving your children a bowl of oatmeal, feed them up with nugget-shaped oatmeal with just the same nutrition. Sometimes, a different presentation of a regular meal appeals so much that you feel like eating it quickly. Therefore, keep trying this trick with your children, too.

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