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How You Can Avoid Frequent Heartburn

Enjoying a special dish or meal is something we all look forward to once in a while. However, it does not have to be a rich meal to activate heartburn. It can just be a hotdog or a greasy hamburger that can do the trick! If you are one of those people who have experienced frequent heartburn, then read on for some tips that may help you prevent this in the future – and let you enjoy food. What Causes Heartburn?
Heartburn is caused mostly by hard to digest foods, grease, saturated fats and almost anything that is fried. However, a precondition in your health can also trigger heartburn such as ulcers. The easiest way to avoid frequent heartburn is probably obvious: don’t eat hard to digest foods. However, that is not an answer many would be happy with as once in a while we all need a greasy hamburger or a chocolate cake to make our day better. Therefore, here are a few ways to avoid frequent heartburns in the future and still enjoy those delights. Anti acid medication is the best solution; if you know that you suffer from frequent heartburns from certain types of food (and it is not hard to tell which types of foods those are) then, before you start your meal have one or two of the anti acid tablets in order to coat your stomach from the grease that you are about to enjoy. Heartburn tablets are available for after the meal too but when you have those you would have gone through some discomfort already which you may want to avoid in the first place. Yet another way to avoid frequent heartburns is to have the foods you like in small quantities and slowly. Eating your food slowly gives your stomach a chance to digest and therefore avoids heartburn. The brain takes 20 minutes to register that the stomach is full in which time if you eat really fast you can overload it and cause heartburn in the process. Where to Find Heartburn Medication
Heartburn medication does not need a prescription and therefore you can buy it over the counter at any drug store. There are a vast number of heartburn medications from water-soluble tablets, which are popular amongst many people as they act faster as compared to the chewable varieties. Heartburn medication is also available in many different flavors to match any taste and thus making it a lot easier to have.

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