An Overview of Anemia And Mouth Related Side Effects in Cancer Patients

Cancer patients may different types of complications and side effects. Dealing with these effects requires effective medication advice from the doctors. Patients have to tell the doctor about their discomforts without hiding and this approach allows the doctor to take the right decisions at the right time. When it comes to cancer treatment, the patient-doctor communication is extremely vital and the patient should follow the guidelines of the doctor in a strict manner. Extreme Tiredness due to Lack of Oxygen in the Cells due to Anemia Several cancer patients experience low red blood cell counts and this situation is called anemia. If you have anemia, you will have to deal with severe tiredness and fatigue becomes a constant problem. Hemoglobin is an integral part of the red blood cell that transfers oxygen to all the cells. When it cannot carry proper amount of oxygen to the cells, your body becomes tired and you will turn anemic. Symptoms of Anemia that Cancer Patients Experience Anemia in cancer patients begins in a slow manner and there won’t be any symptoms during the initial stages. When the hemoglobin comes down gradually over a period of time, you will experience symptoms like dizziness, chest pain, fast heartbeat, swelling, extreme tiredness, pale skin and breathing trouble as well. What are the Causes of Anemia in Cancer Patients? The cancer itself is major reason to make a person anemic. When you go undergo treatment options like chemotherapy or radiation; you may become a prisoner of anemia. If you loss blood in an excess manner can also lead to anemia. Several cancer patients experience loss of appetite and this situation forces them to skip meals that contain specific vitamins or minerals. It is a major reason for anemia in cancer patients. Other conditions that make cancer patients anemic include reduced iron levels in blood, major organ problems such as chronic liver, kidney, lung and heart disease, destruction of red blood cells, inability of the body to make body to make adequate RBCs, sickle cell disease and a combination of all these components. Mouth Problems in Cancer Patients Dry mouth is common problem that a lot of cancer patients need to face and it occurs when there is not adequate amount of saliva in the mouth. Mouth breathing can be a reason for this condition and it can be the side effect of radiation treatment, medication or dehydration. If you are a cancer patient, you may find small red or white patches in the mouth and some of these sores can bleed. Several reasons contribute to this condition and they include infection, dehydration, chemotherapy, tobacco use, lack of protein and radiation. All these side effects and discomforts can be managed with the help of your healthcare provider. The prime aspect is that best drugs do not cause severe side effects and products like Abevmy can be used to treat various types of cancers with great efficiency. Abevmy targets VGEF, a cell protein that promotes cancer cell growth to improve the quality of life in the best manner.

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